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Plumbing Training Books

Cengage Learning has partnered with the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) Educational Foundation to develop a 4-year plumbing training program, including textbooks and instructor supplemental materials for traditional training and non-traditional apprentice eLearning courses. Our textbooks are written in accordance with real-world curriculum and are accompanied by instructor supplements containing exam questions, PowerPoint slides, and image libraries.

The series of textbooks is written by various contractors, educators, and plumbing industry experts for entry-level technicians, as well as apprentices looking to obtain a plumbing license. Our plumbing training textbooks contain the practical information that’s crucial for meeting the needs of the industry. Detailed graphs, illustrations, and images help to provide visualizations of structures, technologies, and concepts professionals see when working in the field. The textbook series utilizes a modular approach to plumbing training, combined with a number of real-world examples, making each book in the series an ideal resource for learning the field’s key concepts.

Series features include:

  • Basic language and terminology used in the plumbing field
  • Detailed illustrates of structures, technologies, and concepts used
  • Complex theories and codes synthesized into real-world applications for critical thinking exercises
  • Instructor resources, including a computerized test bank of final exam questions, PowerPoint slides that correspond to the text, and an image library

The PHCC Educational Foundation is proud to offer this textbook series as a companion to its online training course offerings, making it the ideal resource for students, newly established professionals, and apprentices alike. Browse and select from our library below to view a detailed description of each book in the series that we offer!

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cover image - Residential Construction Academy, Plumbing
RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY: PLUMBING, 2E creates a direct link between your students' education/training program and the residential construction industry, increasing their on-the-job productivity and fostering their understanding of plumbing system installation.
Price: $159.95