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DEWALT® Electrical Professional Reference - 2008 Code

ISBN 13: 9780979740374

ISBN 10: 0979740371

Author: Paul Rosenburg

Pages: 384

Published: 07/17/2008

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The DEWALT Electrical Professional Reference 2008 Edition has been revised to reflect the regulations and requirements contained in the National Electrical CodeĀ® 2008. With user-friendly charts, diagrams, formulas and tables on many aspects of designing and installing electrical services, this book also includes valuable information on ampacity, motors, controllers, overload protection, raceways, wiring, voltage, lighting and much more. This is a must-have for professional building and technical trade contractors, service technicians, maintenance personnel, plant managers, engineers, designers, and architects alike.
  • over 350 pages of professional reference material for complete, comprehensive coverage
  • unique, durable binding allows the book to lay flat when opened, while keeping the pages securely intact
  • large and easy to read text and charts clarify key concepts quickly and effectively
  • convenient pocket-size format makes this a portable resource that can be easily accommodated in any job situation
  • cover material is flexible, tear-resistant, and water and oil resistant, so it can go anywhere your job takes you
cover image - DEWALT® Electrical Professional Reference - 2008 Code