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The Guidebook for Linemen and Cablemen

ISBN 13: 9781111035013

ISBN 10: 1111035016

Author: Wayne Van Soelen

Pages: 816

Published: 02/08/2011

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The Guidebook for Linemen and Cablemen, 2nd Edition is the much needed solution for anyone working on or training to work on electrical utility circuits. Packaged as a convenient, single-volume reference guide on the operation of electrical utility systems, this book will give you what other resources won't: practical coverage of the equipment and situations that power line workers are exposed to on a daily basis, with a focus on ensuring concepts are meaningful and applicable. This book also pays special attention to the order in which topics are addressed; simple concepts are explained first, and the book then builds upon these fundamentals to explain more complex theories, thereby setting a strong foundation for clearly understanding key rules and regulations. This text been updated to include the most current industry information available, including applications of recent technology. This book also contains in-depth exploration of the mechanical aspects of the job, such as working with rigging, trucks, stringing wire, and tree felling. The need for safety and training is highlighted throughout the book, resulting in a powerful resource for linemen, cable men, foremen, and others associated with the transmission and distribution departments of electric utility companies.

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  • New, dynamic, full-color text design.
  • New glossary.
  • Glossary terms are bold when they appear in text so that readers can identify "need-to-know" terms.
  • Completely overhauled art program: illustrations are dimensional and colorized, photographs have been updated.
  • Many new images and illustrations added to reflect changes in the industry.
  • Terminology has been updated to accurately reflect market and changes in the industry.
  • Appendix added to provide an easy reference for essential charts, tables, and formulas.
  • Ensures the most credible, reliable, and relevant information available with an author that has many years of experience as a lineman, writing in a language that will appeal to students training to be linemen and related professionals.
  • Highlights key concepts with ample illustrations that provide clear examples of technical procedures for better understanding and retention.
  • Emphasizes safety and efficiency by taking a risk management approach that focuses on minimizing the risk of field injuries and meeting important safety regulations.
  • Doubles as a valuable field guide with easy-to-reference tables and charts throughout the text and in the Appendix.
cover image - The Guidebook for Linemen and Cablemen
Table of Contents
1. Essentials for powerline workers.
2. Electrical units.
3. Electrical power system overview.
4. Substations.
5. Alernating currents.
6. Three-phase circuits.
7. Awareness in an electrical environment.
8. Constructing overhead powerlines.
9. Constructing underground powerlines.
10. Working with conductors and cables.
11. Operating switch gear.
12. Circuit protection.
13. Installing grounds.
14. Transformers.
15. Supplying quality power.
16. Working with aerial devices.
17. Rigging in powerline work.
18. Working it hot.
19. Outdoor lighting.
20. Revenue metering.
21. Tree work.