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Code Source, 2009 International Fire Code

ISBN 13: 9781111037253

ISBN 10: 1111037256

Author: International Code Council (ICC); Don Smith

Pages: 76

Published: 01/01/2011

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cover image - Code Source, 2009 International Fire Code
Table of Contents
Common Maintenance Violations.
Retroactive Requirements.
I. General Maintenance Inspections.
Assembly Group A.
II. Group A-2 Restaurant.
III. Group A-2 Bar & Night Club Maintenance Inspections.
IV. Group A-2 Bar & Night Club NIGHT Inspections.
Business Group B.
V. Group B office, professional or office inspections.
Educational Group E.
VI. Group E Schools.
Institutional Group I.
VII. Group I-1 Group Homes and Assisted Living.
VIII. Group I-2 Hospital, Nursing Homes.
IX. Group I-4, Day Care Facility.
Mercantile Group M.
X. Group M Covered Mall Buildings.
XI. Group M Big Box Retail Store.
Residential Group R.
XII. Group R-1 Hotel/Motel.
XIII. Group R-2 Apartment Inspections.
Storage Group S.
XIV. Group S-1 High-Piled Storage Warehouse.
XV. High Rise.
Appendices: Recommended Fire Watch Guidelines.