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Green Applications for Residential Construction

ISBN 13: 9781111037543

ISBN 10: 111103754X

Author: Mike Guertin

Pages: 64

Published: 04/27/2010

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GREEN APPLICATIONS FOR RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION is a collection of supplemental material for the Residential Construction Academy (RCA) series textbooks that will introduce readers to trade-specific green building practices. The Introduction explains general green building principles and each trade-specific section explores how a carpenter, plumber, HVAC installer, electrician and mason can apply green building principles and jobsite practices while they plan and execute their work.
  • Key "green" terminology is highlighted and defined in a glossary.
  • Content is correlated to Residential Construction Academy textbooks.
  • Each application is organized around a consistent set of green building principles.
  • Visit the Residential Construction Academy website to learn more about the series – www.residentialconstructionacademy.com
Author Bio
Mike Guertin
Mike Guertin is a custom home builder and remodeler with more than twenty-five years experience specializing in energy and resource efficient construction. He is a contributing editor to Fine Homebuilding magazine and an advisor to www.greenbuildingadvisor.com. Mr. Guertin also teaches construction "best practices" techniques to builders, architects and technical school students and educators and leads training for architects, building officials, builders and trade contractors at construction trade shows and conferences, including the International Builders Show, JLC Live, the International Roofing Show and the Remodeling Show.
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Table of Contents
Introduction to Green Building.
Application 1: Masonry.
Application 2: Plumbing.
Application 3: House Wiring.
Application 4: HVAC.
Application 5: Carpentry.