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Jobsite First Aid, A Field Guide for the Construction Industry

ISBN 13: 9781111038632

ISBN 10: 1111038635

Author: Dan Johnson

Pages: 112

Published: 06/23/2011

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When a jobsite emergency arises, it's the people on the job that are the first responders. This gives those people — the contractors, the construction workers, and anyone else onsite — the critical responsibility of quickly and effectively acting to minimize damage and maximize safety. Prepare for this important role with JOBSITE FIRST AID: A FIELD GUIDE FOR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. This book takes a systematic approach to responding to emergency situations, from minor burns to life-threatening events and situations. It is the perfect complement to hands-on safety training, and it's ideally packaged to fit into your toolbox, glove box, or desk drawer, so that it can be easily accessed when needed.

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  • Brings first-aid concepts to life with specific jobsite and contractor references, giving users a real-world context for the information they are learning.
  • Facilitates quick and easy access to need-to-know information with a quick-reference design.
  • Enhances comprehension of tasks with detailed illustrations and images to supplement the "how-to" descriptions of various tasks.
Author Bio
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson has over 15 years of safety industry experience. During that time, he has helped hundreds of companies across the nation develop, implement, and improve their safety programs. Dan is authorized to teach the OSHA 10-hour and OSHA 30-hour courses for both construction and general industry. He is also a CPR, First Aid, and AED instructor and instructor trainer with over 14 years of training experience.
cover image - Jobsite First Aid, A Field Guide for the Construction Industry
Table of Contents
1. Role of a First Aid Provider.
What is a First Aid Provider? Emergency Medical Services. Good Samaritan Law. Personal Safety. You Are Needed!
2. Emergency Response / React.
Recognizing a Medical Emergency. Evaluate the Environment / Think Safety First! Access Responsiveness. Call Emergency Medical Services. Take Action.
3. ABCs of Life Support.
Airway. Breathing. Circulation. Continual Assessment.
4. CPR for Cardiac Arrest.
Sequence for Survival. CPR. AED. Putting it All Together.
5. Choking Management.
Choking Management Techniques for a Responsive Patient. Choking Management Techniques for an Unresponsive Patient. Follow up Medical Care.
6. Control Bleeding.
Types of Bleeding. Control of Bleeding. Blood Spills. Removing Gloves.
7. First Aid for Shock.
Signs and Symptoms of Shock. Treatment for Shock.
8. Jobsite Injuries.
Major Impact Injuries. Minor Impact Injuries.
9. Jobsite Illnesses.
Emergency Signs of Illnesses. Specific Jobsite Illnesses.
10. Emergency Preparedness.
Emergency Action Plan Checklist. Household Emergency Plan. First Aid Kit. Vehicle Emergency Kit.
11. OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping.
Jobsite Fatalities and Catastrophes. Recording Jobsite Injuries and Illnesses.
12. Accident and Incident Investigations.
Accident vs. Incident. Accident and Incident Investigations. Sample Forms.
13. Job Hazard Analysis.
Job Hazard Analysis.
14. First Aid Myths.
Sucking on a Venomous Snake Bite. Whiskey for a Toothache. Butter on Burns. Peeing on a Jellyfish Sting. Head back for a Nosebleed. Squeezing the Stinger on a Bee Sting. Swallowing Tongue during a Seizure. Raw Steak on a Black Eye.