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Direct Current Fundamentals

ISBN 13: 9781111127466

ISBN 10: 1111127468

Author: Stephen L. Herman

Pages: 512

Published: 01/01/2011

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For nearly half a century, this widely acclaimed book has presented the fundamental concepts of direct current electricity and magnetism in a straightforward, practical manner. This reader-friendly guide to DC electrical theory and applications is both thorough and focused, providing detailed coverage in a convenient, affordable volume. The new Eighth Edition retains the distinguishing features that are the cornerstone of this trusted book, including logically organized content that progresses step-by-step from basic principles to advanced concepts. Enhancements for the new edition include updated photographs and illustrations to help you grasp essential concepts quickly and apply your knowledge with confidence, as well as special icons highlighting "green" tips on energy efficiency.
  • Numerous new or revised illustrations and photographs, allowing students to visualize key concepts easily and get familiar with tools and techniques used by today's electrical professionals.
  • Updated information on atomic theory expands gives students an opportunity to learn the latest ideas in use within the field of electrical theory.
  • Includes expanded information on the American Wire Gauge system, making it even easier for students to gain familiarity with critical industry standards.
  • Additional material on fuel cells explores the underlying theory and recent developments in a growing area.
  • "Green" information on saving energy and increasing efficiency are called out with eye-catching icons, allowing students to easily find material related to this important trend.
  • The text includes detailed units related to numerical concepts, electrical measurements, and scientific notation to support an effective and practical learning experience for students.
  • Formulas for voltage dividers and current dividers are accompanied by step-by-step instructions on how to apply them to a circuit, combining theory and application in a novel and useful manner.
  • The chapter on solving DC networks complements the in-depth theoretical discussion with clear, step-by-step solutions to illustrate key methodologies, including the loop current method, the superposition technique, Thevenin's Theorem, and Norton's Theorem.
  • Achievement reviews at the end of each chapter include a variety of practice problems, all of which have been field-tested, making it easier for students to assess their knowledge, identify areas for further study, and prepare effectively for exams.
  • The text employs a practical approach to DC concepts that limits mathematical content to make the material more accessible to a wider variety of students. Where math concepts are essential, the author provides step-by-step explanations to support the discussion and avoid the need for outside reference or study.
Author Bio
Stephen L. Herman
As a retired electrician and proficient instructor with more than 30 years of practical experience, Stephen L. Herman is known for his reader-friendly approach. A seasoned author, Mr. Herman has written leading books on electricity and mathematics that are popular with students and instructors alike. For two decades Mr. Herman served as lead instructor for the Electrical Technology Curriculum at Lee College in Baytown, Texas, where he received an Excellence in Education Award from the Halliburton Education Foundation. He also taught at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, North Carolina, for nine years and helped pioneer an electrical curriculum for Northeast Texas Community College in Mount Pleasant, Texas. His additional publications include ELECTRIC MOTOR CONTROL, ELECTRICITY AND CONTROLS FOR HVAC/R, INDUSTRIAL MOTOR CONTROLS, UNDERSTANDING MOTOR CONTROLS, ELECTRONICS FOR ELECTRICIANS, ALTERNATING CURRENT FUNDAMENTALS, DIRECT CURRENT FUNDAMENTALS, ELECTRICAL STUDIES FOR TRADES, ELECTRICAL PRINCIPLES, EXPERIMENTS IN ELECTRICITY FOR USE WITH LAB VOLT EQUIPMENT, THE COMPLETE LABORATORY MANUAL FOR ELECTRICITY, and PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR ELECTRICIANS.
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Table of Contents
1. An Introduction to Electricity and Electronics.
2. Electricity Production and Use.
3. Electrostatics.
4. Basic Circuit Concepts.
5. Scientific Notation and Metric Prefixes.
6. Electrical Quantity Measurement.
7. Resistance.
8. Ohms Law.
9. Electrical Power and Energy.
10. Series Circuits.
11. Parallel Circuits.
12. Series-Parallel Circuits and Loaded Voltage Dividers.
13. Conduction in Liquid and Gases.
14. Batteries.
15. Magnetism and Electromagnetism.
16. Applications of Electromagnetism.
17. Electrical Measuring Instruments.
18. Electromagnetic Induction.
19. DC Generators.
20. Mechanical Motion from Electrical Energy.
21. DC Motors.
22. Starters and Speed Controllers.
23. Solid State Control of Direct Current Motors.
24. Solving DC Networks.