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DEWALT® Wiring Quick Check

ISBN 13: 9781111128562

ISBN 10: 1111128561

Author: Chris Prince; Daniel Sandefur

Pages: 42

Published: 07/07/2010

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  • Provides easily accessible, at-your-fingertips information with Quick Check tabs that organize and label the book's content.
  • Stresses practical, applicable content by focusing on over 100 of the most commonly used electrical formulas.
  • Clarifies complicated calculations with reliable and detailed charts and tables.
cover image - DEWALT® Wiring Quick Check
Table of Contents
Ohm's Law
Ohm's Law for 30 Systems
Resistor Color Coding
Series Resistors
Parallel Resistors
Resistor's (Combination Circuits)
Power Formulas
10 Motors
30 Motors
Motor Circuit Breakers and Fuses
Voltage Drop
Area of Conduit Types
Area of Conductor Types
Conduit Fill Examples
40% Conduit Fill (EMT)
40% Conduit Fill (FMC)
40% Conduit Fill (LFNC)
40% Conduit Fill (RMC)
40% Conduit Fill (SCH. 40 PVC)
Conductor Ampacity
Conductor Ampacity Examples
Burial Depths
Box Fill
Optional Service Load Calculations
Common Conversions