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DEWALT® Electrical Professional Reference - 2017 NEC

ISBN 13: 9781337271394

ISBN 10: 133727139X

Author: Paul Rosenberg

Pages: 384

Published: 05/17/2017

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You want fast, easy access to information--but without sacrificing thorough coverage of essential content. The DEWALT® ELECTRICAL PROFESSIONAL REFERENCE - 2017 NEC®, combines the best of both worlds in a convenient, pocket-sized format. The book covers knowledge and skills you need to succeed as an electrical professional, from motors, transformers, and grounding, to voltage drops, fastener charts, and tools. Far more than a classroom text, this comprehensive guide is packed with hundreds of pages of reference materials, making it a vital resource containing everything you will need for career success.
  • Carefully revised to reflect the 2017 National Electrical Code®, the new edition includes up-to-date code references and related information, ensuring that students will be well grounded in current industry standards.
  • Despite its convenient format and reader-friendly presentation, this comprehensive guide includes broader coverage and more essential material than most other resources in the field.
  • Additional, updated references to the National Electrical Code® allow for quicker cross-referencing, making it easier for students to connect material to relevant codes.
  • Intended for long-term use as an on-the-job professional reference, this durable text features a heavy-duty plastic cover designed to weather the elements and hold up to the roughest jobsites, so readers can access vital reference material anytime, anywhe
  • Easy-to-read charts and useful illustrations allow for quick, confident consultation when time is tight and conditions are stressful, making the text an invaluable on-the-job reference.
  • The author clarifies key concepts with detailed tables, figures, and formulas to help accelerate learning and enhance understanding, so students can ensure full code compliance.
  • Designed to address the needs of both aspiring and active professionals, the book serves as a single source for almost all data electricians are likely to require on the job.
  • A unique, lay-flat binding allows the book to stay open when set down, allowing readers to refer to information they need on the job even when both hands are occupied.
Author Bio
Paul Rosenberg
Paul Rosenberg has an extensive background in the construction, data, electrical and fiber-optic trades. A leading voice in the electrical industry, he has years of experience spanning roles from apprentice to project manager. Rosenberg has written for leading electrical and low-voltage industry magazines and has authored more than 60 books. In addition, he wrote the first standard for the installation of optical cables in buildings (ANSI-NEIS-301) and was awarded a patent for a power transmission module. Rosenberg serves as a consultant and expert witness in legal cases and occasionally speaks at industry events.
cover image - DEWALT® Electrical Professional Reference - 2017 NEC
Table of Contents
1. Circuits, Formulas, and Voltage Drop Calculations.
2. Conduit, Cable, and Underground installations.
3. Ampacity, Box Fill, Branch Circuits, Conductors, Enclosures, and Raceways.
4. Receptacles, Switches, Interior Wiring, and Lighting.
5. Grounding and Bonding.
6. Motors.
7. Transformers.
8. Communications and Electronics.
9. Electrical and Job Safety.
10. Materials and Tools.
11. Conversion Factors, Mathematics, and Units of Measurement.
12. Symbols.
13. Glossary.
Sample Chapters