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DEWALT® HVAC Technician Certification Exam Guide – 2018

ISBN 13: 9781337271554

ISBN 10: 1337271551

Author: Norm Christopherson

Pages: 272

Published: 05/22/2018

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The most complete and comprehensive HVAC technician certification book on the market now features updated information and an interactive online practice exam experience. The DEWALT® HVAC Certification Exam Guide, 3E is fully equipped to give you the tools you need to prepare for the NATE, ICE, and RSES Certifications, as well as the HVAC Excellence and HVAC Technician Licensing Exams. It also serves as a valuable resource in studying for the state limited energy license and HVAC contractor licenses. At the core of this book's effectiveness is the foundation of study aids, exam strategies, and realistic sample exams. Another feature is access to the practice exams online that simulates the exam experience and includes the ability to skip questions, mark questions to review later, and assess subject areas that need improvement.

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  • Updated to the 2018 Technician Certification Exam Guide.
  • Access to the practice exams online that simulates the exam experience.
  • Coverage includes all HVAC licensing and certification exams.
  • Explanation of certification options assists readers in making well-educated choices about HVAC career paths.
  • Realistic sample exams with answer keys allow readers to put their skills to the test and then identify weak areas based on performance.
Author Bio
Norm Christopherson
Norm Christopherson has been involved in the HVAC and refrigeration industry since 1970 and has taught at San Jose City College in California for 18-years. He has custom designed and delivered training courses for IBM, Coca Cola, Ford Motor Company, Advanced Micro Devices, Lockheed Martin, Loral Aerospace, state government agencies and numerous HVAC contractors. He has been a national and local speaker for the Refrigeration Service Engineer's Society and continues to lecture and present technical seminars nationally. <BR /><BR />Norm is published regularly in HVAC technical magazines and is the author of several books for the heating and cooling professional. He has successfully owned and operated his own HVAC installation and service business specializing in solving system problems. Norm is a Senior Training specialist for York UPG International where he develops and presents York training materials.
cover image - DEWALT® HVAC Technician Certification Exam Guide – 2018
Table of Contents
Permits and Inspection.
Mechanical System Installation (Drilling and Notching).
Access (Appliances in Attics. Appliances in Compartments. Appliances in Garages. Appliances Under the Floor. Appliances on Roof).
Exhaust Systems (Clothe Dryers. Range Hoods/Microwaves. Mechanical Ventilation. Natural Ventilation).
Required Heating.
Required Venting.
Duct Systems (Installation. Standards).
Return Air.
Boilers and Water Heaters (Boilers. Expansion Tank).
Combustion Air (Confined and Unconfined Space. Vertical Ducts to Attic. Crawl Space and Attic Venting. Prohibited Sources. Single Opening – All from Outdoors. Vertical Ducts. Horizontal Ducts.)
Venting (Venting and Flues. Required Vent Diameter. Vent Termination).
Crawl Space.
HVAC (Inside Equipment. Outside Equipment. Conductor Sizing. Air Handlers. Condensing Units. Package Units).
Manual J Load Calculation.
Heat Loss.
Heat Gain.
Propane Tank Placement.
Propane Tanks (Underground Tanks).
Piping System Installation.
Gas Pipe Sizing (Longest Length Method. Calculating the Longest Length. Identifying the Proper Row to Use on the Table. Sizing the Pipe).
Appliances in Bedrooms.
Condensate Lines.
Gas Appliance Connections.
Table G2428.2(1) [504.2(1)} Type B Double Wall Gas Vent.
Reference Tables (Minimum Distance Between the Lowest Edge of a Grease Filter and the Cooking or Heating Surface. Gauges of Metal Ducts and Plenums Used for Heating and Cooling. Minimum Exhaust Rates for 1- and 2-Family Dwellings).
Reduction of Combustible Clearances.
Residential Duct Sizing Guide – Rectangular and Round.
Capacity (Heating Capacity Formula. Cooling Capacity Formula. Figuring in Gallons: Round Tanks).
Factors and Formulas (Correction Factor. Belt Drive Formulas. Watts of Heat. Nominal Air Flow. Approximate Heat Values: BTU's).
Sample Chapters