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Electrical Field Reference Handbook, Revised for the 2005 National Electric Code

ISBN 13: 9781401879860

ISBN 10: 1401879861

Author: National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee

Pages: 224

Published: 12/29/2004

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This Electrical Field Reference Handbook is an indispensable tool for those working in the electrical industry. Designed with a logical approach, it serves as a reference for formulas, NECĀ® tables, conversion charts, diagrams, reading blueprint symbols, and much more. A section of OSHA safety standards excerpts makes this an even more important on-the-job resource. The clear and easy-to-use format keeps must-have information at the electrician's fingertips at any time.
  • updated to the 2005 National Electrical Code
  • at-a-glance view of the critical reference materials needed by every electrician on the job
  • convenient size makes this book perfect to keep in the truck or carry along at a jobsite
  • heavy-duty spiral binding makes it durable for everyday use
Author Bio
National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee
NJATC develops and standardizes training for National Electrical Contractors Association and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, which represents more than 780,000 members working in a wide variety of fields around North America.
cover image - Electrical Field Reference Handbook, Revised for the 2005 National Electric Code
Table of Contents
Chapter 1- Blueprint Symbols: Electrical, Motor Control, Instrumentation, Mechanical. Chapter 2- Electrical Formulas: Formulas. Chapter 3- NEC Tables: Ampacity, Conductor Properties, PVC Expansion Characteristics, Flexible Cords & Cable, Conductor Types, Metal Boxes, Grounding Conductors, Chapter 9 Tables, Annex C Raceway Fill, NEC Motor Tables, NEC Article Cross Reference. Chapter 5- Instrumentation: Line Symbols, Calibration Formulas, Thermocouple Symbols, Valve Symbols, Electronic Symbols. Chapter 6- Rigging: Wire Rope Slings. Chapter 7- Safety: OSHA Rgiths and Responsibilities, Electrical Safety, Excavations, Fall Protection, Confined Spaces, Hand Signals. Chapter 8- Conduit Bending: 90% Segment Bend, Take-up, Gain, Color Caps, Conduit Dimensions, Offsets & Kicks, Cosecants, Take-up Shortcuts.