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Plumbing 101

ISBN 13: 9781428305229

ISBN 10: 142830522X

Author: PHCC Educational Foundation

Pages: 320

Published: 06/18/2008

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Written by contractors for contractors, their employees, and first-year plumbing students, Plumbing 101, 5E delivers the practical, on-the-job information needed to meet the workforce training needs of the industry. This resource was developed in partnership with the PHCC Educational Foundation Plumbing Apprentice and Journeyman Training Committee. A team of subject matter experts including contractors, teachers and code experts developed the curriculum to provide an industry-oriented approach. Writers with a background in the trade and teaching produced the content. Fundamental industry topics including safety on the job, basic fixtures & appliances, piping and sewage disposal are covered along with related math and science concepts. The fifth edition has been revised to reflect the most current plumbing products, materials, and technology on the market, including all-new coverage of corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST). Readers in a wide range of plumbing fields, from residential and commercial service and repair to new construction, will find all of the basic plumbing information they need for the start of a successful career in plumbing.
  • detailed illustrations provide accurate visualization of tools, structures, and concepts seen in the field
  • organized according to the US Department of Labor Standards, making this a resource that meets the qualifying standards for the classroom portion of apprentice programs
  • combines theory with practical examples, giving readers the ability to learn why things work, as well as how they work
  • new 5th edition has been updated to show the latest methods, components, and products
Author Bio
PHCC Educational Foundation
The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) Educational Foundation was founded in 1987 by a partnership of contractors, manufacturers, and wholesalers. Its mission is to provide workforce development, management education, and technical training to advance the growth and career success of those employed in the plumbing and HVACR industry.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Plumbing History, Codes, and Principles
Chapter 2: Tools of the Plumbing Trade
Chapter 3: First Aid and Safety
Chapter 4: Basic Math for Plumbing
Chapter 5: Water Supply, Water Sources, Waste Disposal, and Sewage Disposal
Chapter 6: Gases in Plumbing Work
Chapter 7: Mechanical Properties and Protection of Building Materials and Structures
Chapter 8: Piping Materials Used in Plumbing Work
Chapter 9: Joining Methods for DWV and Pressure Piping
Chapter 10: Squares, Square Roots and Basic Geometry
Chapter 11: Plumbing Fixtures
Chapter 12: Faucets and Related Devices
Chapter 13: Valves
Chapter 14: Building Plans, Drawings, and Scale Rulers
Chapter 15: Sketching