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Blueprint Reading for Electricians

ISBN 13: 9781435491199

ISBN 10: 143549119X

Author: Rob Zachariason

Pages: 464

Published: 05/12/2009

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cover image - Blueprint Reading for Electricians
Table of Contents
1. Drawing and Sketching.
2. Projections and Perspectives.
3. Related Math.
4. Scaling and Dimensions.
5. Construction Types.
6. Architectural Considerations.
7. Electrical Symbology.
8.Mechanical Symbology.
9. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Symbology.
10. Specialized Symbology.
11. Site Plans.
12. Floor Plans.
13. Elevations.
14. Details and Sections.
15. Schedules and Specifications.
16. Residential Print Reading.
17. Commercial Print Reading.
18. Industrial Print Reading.
Appendix A: Commercial Specifications.
Appendix B: Industrial Specifications.
Appendix C: Electrical Devices and Materials.
Appendix E: Print List.