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Guide to Networking for Physical Security Systems

ISBN 13: 9781418073961

ISBN 10: 1418073962

Author: David Engebretson

Pages: 275

Published: 03/30/2007

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cover image - Guide to Networking for Physical Security Systems
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Beginnings of Networking
Chapter 2: Analog and Digital Communications
Chapter 3: Overview of Ethernet LANs
Chapter 4: Basics of Ethernet
Chapter 5: Ethernet Devices and Components
Chapter 6: Wire and Cable
Chapter 7: Fiber Optics
Chapter 8: Wireless LANs
Chapter 9: IP Addressing Technologies
Chapter 10: Internet WAN Connections and Services
Chapter 11: IP Addressing How-To
Chapter 12: IP Addressing Example
Chapter 13: Working with the IT Department
Chapter 14: Cabling and Connection Options
Chapter 15: Serial Communications and Ethernet
Chapter 16: Planning a Network Video System Installation
Chapter 17: Video Compression Technologies
Chapter 18: Video Bandwidth Controls for Shared Networks
Chapter 19: Video Control and Recording Options
Chapter 20: Powering Devices
Chapter 21: Network Security
Chapter 22: DSL Adapter Guided Tour
Chapter 23: Wi-Fi Router Guided Tour
Chapter 24: Ethernet Camera Guided Tour
Chapter 25: Wi-Fi Camera Guided Tour
Chapter 26: Wireless Laptop Surveillance
Chapter 27: IP Video Server Guided Tour
Chapter 28: Video Management and Recording Software Guided Tour
Chapter 29: Digital Video Recorders
Chapter 30: IP Alarm Transmitters
Chapter 31: VoIP and Alarm Communications
Chapter 32: Tools of the Trade
Chapter 33: Testing and Troubleshooting